Ambassador Program

Bridal Ambassador

Non-Bridal Ambassador

A Honeymoon Trip

A Vacation Getaway

Wedding Bands

$50 Department Store Card

$200 Wedding Accessories Gift Card

$50 Gas Card

Discounts from Wedding Vendors

Discounts on Your Next Planned Event Needs

Monetary bonuses for goals met

Monetary bonuses for goals met



1. Qualified participant must have an upcoming wedding scheduled within the next two years of the date of becoming an ambassador.
2. Qualified participant must be engaged and not already married. Please be transparent and honest of your status.
3. Qualified participant cannot be an ambassador for any other bridal shows for the length of the time you are planning a wedding.
4. Qualified participants will be required to sign a NDA to ensure confidentiality.
5. Ambassadors must be honest in your intentions of being an ambassador to represent the T. Rose Bridal Shows.
6. Everyone is welcome to apply no matter gender or sexual preference.


1. Qualified participants must recruit 10 people. They can be a bride or a non-bride.
2. Qualified participants must be a vendor for at least one of the T. Rose Bridal Shows.

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